I put a complaint in about my trailer in Dec. 3 2010.

We stilll have it but it is still in same condition. Windows are very wet. Nobody from the dealer ever called to see how we were doing with it. They sold us a piece of ***.

We hate this camper. Now we are stuck with it. The people at the RV place are nice until you sign your name then they dont know you. Nobody has not called us since we bought this piece of ***.

I will never buy another RV from Crisp RV....

The lights in my sons room burned up. It burned up the wires on 2 lights..

Review about: Forest River Rv.

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you probably have a leak in roof pull vent moldings on the in sidean inspect the roof i have the same problem look at rg3210 stealth


The problem with the wet windows has nothing to do with the quality of the trailer. It has everything to do with what you bought.

If you did not do your research well as I did the same thing you didn't by a 4 season camper. The windows are single pane safety glass and sweat when you have the furnace on and it is cold outside. Same as your house. I have the same issue but realized after talking to several other RV owners what the problem was.

Most folks (just like us) shop for price and fail to do our due diligence do to the excitement of getting an RV or anything new. As for your wiring problem you don't say anywhere were you took it back to the dealer to fix the problem so basically you don't even have the right to complain. Take it back to your dealer and have them look at it and fix the warranty issue with the wiring. Or did you buy a used camper w/o a warranty?

They didn't sell you a piece of ***, you bought a trailer that doesn't suit you needs because like most of us that purchased a trailer we didn't know what questions to ask because we bought on impulse.

Sell it or trade it and get something you want but make sure you ask all the right questions. Good Luck!

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